8 Tips for a seamless Fine Art Boudoir Experience

8 Tips for your seamless fine art boudoir experience 

1 - Book in for a pre-consulatation call so you know what to expect

2 - Scrub, moisturise & honour your body weeks before

3 - Grab your mani/pedi day before but make sure you do your waxing a week prior to your shoot

4 - Spray Tan YES or NO. Fine art film is so flawless 90% of clients do not need one. However if you feel you do please remember soft and subtle is best. Watch out for tan lines and what lingerie you will wear on the day. You don’t want this showing in your images.

5 - Wear loose fitting clothing & underwear to the shoot- you don’t want unseemly red lines or marks

6 - Schedule the shoot mid-cycle & watch your diet the day before - steer clear of foods that you know bloat you!

7 - Invest in correct fitting lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess

8 - Have a clear picture of the theming for your photographs but be flexible and trust your photographers expertise. The picture of what you have in your mind might not suit the situation on the day.

Most of all, relax, have fun & be in the moment - you are beautiful x

Shape your love & love your shape with an elegant boudoir photography session in NSW

Graceful life, caught on film, capturing your beauty and honouring the incredible being you are.  In celebration of a milestone, in honour of your exquisiteness, for your partner or yourself. Partner with a fine art film photographer to create a timeless reminder of your loveliness in a tasteful boudoir session. 

“The closest thing to God on this earth is a woman’s body. It’s where life comes from.” – Rupi Kaur

Ethereal Boudoir For Brides To Be

Being nervous is completely normal.  Especially when it’s your first boudoir session.  One of my lovely brides booked a boudoir 2 months out from her wedding day.  She wanted to surprise her husband to be, the morning of their wedding day with some elegant boudoir photos of herself.   As we moved through the frames she become more comfortable in her skin and allowed me to gently guide her through the motions to capture some elegant portraits.   At the end of the session she told me how comfortable she felt and after seeing a sneek peak the beautiful message I received was  “OMG OMG is this really me! I don’t like I LOVE LOVE LOVE them”  When I get feedback like this from my clients it just makes it all worth while and my passion for boudoir stronger than it already is. I believe in it so much, the way it makes a woman feel confident within herself is empowering.

Tamworth NSW Fine Art Boudoir

Have You Ever Thought About Doing A Boudoir?  

Here Are THREE Reasons To Book Your Session.

1 -  My boudoir photos are elegant and tasteful.  All your portraits are captured in a beautiful and elegant way, that you will change the way you see yourself.  Shot on fine art film to add that ethereal soft and pure look to your images.

2-  A boudoir is Fun.  YES FUN! Every client of mine has mentioned after their session how comfortable they felt and that they really enjoyed their experience.

3 -  It's the perfect gift for hubby on your wedding day, or ever wedding anniversary.  Imagine the look on his face when you hand over a beautiful little fine art album with prints of the one person he loves most.  Or even just a gift for yourself.